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Everyone can help with missing persons cases!!

The Aware Foundation
For years this organization has been dedicated to providing an up-to-date Facebook resource with news and updates on missing persons across the country, serving as an invaluable resource for the missing and their families.

The JAYC Foundation, Inc.
This organization offers support and assistance to help people recover from abduction or other traumatic events.

Season of Justice
This nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing funding for investigative agencies and families to help solve cold cases.

When Georgia Smiled
The Robin McGraw and Dr. Phil Foundation
This organization supports many other organizations and programs that help children and families live without fear of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Unidentified Human Remains Canada
Facebook Group
Founder Jan Guppy has tirelessly volunteered for over a decade running her Facebook group that helps connect missing persons with unidentified bodies across the country, as well as connect families of missing people to forensic artists, DNA labs, crowdfunding, search teams and more.

Doe Network
This organization works to help give the nameless (unidentified bodies) back their names and return the missing to their families.

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